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Weather alerts and
monitoring for your farm

Manage your farm better with Ansovino.


Know your farm.

Monitor current and forecasted weather, climate indices,
soil moisture and temperature,
crop vigor and vegetation cover,
cattle comfort and heat stress.

Illustration: sprout protected by hands

Protect your crops.

Receive email and SMS text alerts in time to prepare for spring frost, heat stress, strong winds,
or when other measured or forecasted values surpass or drop below your pre-set thresholds.

Tune your crop calendar by adjusting planting, transplanting and harvesting times based on degree-days, schedule spraying operations during favorable weather conditions.

Plan pest management activities using degree-day alerts and phenology models.

Illustration: satellite technology

Gather insight with the latest technology.

Browse satellite images of your farm areas and parcels
from Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8.

Use EVI and NDVI maps to determine crop vigor and vegetation cover.

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Global coverage

Satellite imagery, weather data and forecasts are available for you, wherever you are.
You need to have a mobile phone and subscription with a local provider in order to receive SMS text alerts.

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