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Flexible, HDI-based pricing

Illustration: farmer

We are committed to offer Ansovino at an affordable price.

We use the 2018 Human Development Index (HDI) to remedy differences in small-holder farmers’ purchasing power around the world. HDI is a statistic composite index of life expectancy, education, and per capita income indicators, developed and maintained by the United Nations.

Pricing on the Starter level (monitoring up to 25 hectares) is flexible: the actual price is calculated by multiplying the base price by the HDI of the country of your residence. Examples:

  • If you live in Malawi, you pay €50×0.485 = €23.85
  • If you live in Kenya, you pay €50×0.579 = €28.95
  • If you live in India, you pay €50×0.647 = €32.35
  • If you live in Australia, you pay €50×0.938 = €46.90

Please note that these are per-month net prices. If you are an EU customer without an EU VAT number issued by a member state, standard rate value-added tax will be applied.

Details and restrictions

This discount is applicable only to the Starter plan. It does not apply to Pro plans or optional add-ons like SMS alerts.

We reserve the right to end the discount program any time, for any reason. If we do, it will not happen retroactively: anyone who is already participating will continue to have their discounts applied.

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If you have more questions, visit our support pages.