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Comprehensive Climate Index

Comfortable cattle are more productive, gain better, and maintain a higher level of health. Ansovino provides calculations based on recent weather information (past 14 days), and also on forecasts (next 7 days) to help preparing for and monitoring heat and cold stress of your cattle.


The Comprehensive Climate Index (CCI), Cattle Comfort Index or Climate Comfort Index has been developed for assessing environmental stress by animal scientists affiliated with the University of Nebraska and the University of Queensland in Gatton, Australia.

CCI is calculated from several weather variables:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Wind speed
  • Solar radiation

The model has some important advantages over previous stress models:

  • A single model is used to calculate both heat and cold stress.
  • The model is valid for all seasons, year round.
  • Solar radiation is included as a heat enhancer and cold mitigator variable.
  • Relative humidity has been added as an additional negative cold weather variable.
  • Wind has been added as a heat mitigator weather variable.

Heat stress

Ansovino calculates heat stress levels for „low sensitivity” (healthy, adult, acclimated) and „high sensitivity” (young and/or non-acclimated) animals from the CCI.

  • 0: No stress
  • 1: Mild stress
  • 2: Moderate stress (decreased production, up to 20%)
  • 3: Severe stress (decreased production, 20% or more; reduced conception, as low as 0%)
  • 4: Extreme stress (animal deaths may exceed 5%)
  • 5: Extreme danger

Generally, unsheltered healthy animals which have had adequate time to acclimate to cold weather through acquisition of additional fur appropriate for the season and/or tissue insulation, and are receiving nutrient supplies compatible to the level of environmental exposure, are considered „low sensitivity”.

CCI and heat stress in Ansovino

1) Find the parcel you wish to monitor in Areas

2) Click on the „Climate” icon.

3) The Cattle comfort section contains charts which display recent and forcasted values of the CCI and heat stress, calculated specifically for the selected area.

Illustration: CCI chart

4) Click on the „Add a new notification” icon to set up a new alert.

5) Configure notification parameters, then click on the „Create” button to save your new alert.

Illustration: configure heat stress notification

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