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You can create virtual weather stations anywhere in the world by selecting a point on the map.

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Upcoming feature: Pro customers will be able to connect their weather stations as well. Advanced home weather stations and their accessories allow customers to access ultra local weather data and indoor environment measurements.

Weather forecast

Ansovino provides weather forecast for your weather stations by the hour, for the next 7 days:

  • Temperature
  • Precipitation intensity and probability
  • Relative humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Wind speed, wind gust and bearing
  • UV index and ozone levels


Temperature and climate

Ansovino calculates and charts key climate indicator values for you, based on past, current and forecasted weather information:

  • Temperature, temperature-humidity index, and wind chill
  • Accumumlated temperature (degree-day, growing degree day) - useful in planning your planting, transplating, spraying, or pest management activities
  • Cattle comfort levels: cattle comfort index, heat stress levels for high (young and/or non-acclimated animals) and low (animals which have had adequate time to acclimate to outdoor environments) susceptibility levels.
  • Soil temperature and moisture
  • Vegetation change over time