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You can add fields and parcels to your Ansovino account by drawing a polygon on the map.

Draw polygon icon

Satellite imagery

Monitor plant development visually on the map via the changes in the vegetation indices EVI and NDVI. Satellite data about your area is updated in every few days (depending on cloud cover) from the European Sentinel-2 and the US Landsat 8 Earth observation satellites.


Use your preferred color scheme to visualize EVI and NDVI values:

  • Green palette (the standard NDVI color palette)
    Green palette
  • High contrast and false color palettes help in differentiating smaller changes in vegetation
    Contrast palette A
    Contrast palette B
    False color A
    False color B
    Alternate green palette
    False color C

Temperature and climate

Ansovino calculates and charts key climate indicator values for you, based on past, current and forecasted weather information:

  • Temperature, temperature-humidity index, and wind chill
  • Accumumlated temperature (degree-day, growing degree day) - useful in planning your planting, transplating, spraying, or pest management activities
  • Cattle comfort levels: cattle comfort index, heat stress levels for high (young and/or non-acclimated animals) and low (animals which have had adequate time to acclimate to outdoor environments) susceptibility levels.
  • Soil temperature and moisture
  • Vegetation change over time


Weather forecast

Ansovino provides weather forecast for your farm by the hour, for the next 7 days:

  • Temperature
  • Precipitation intensity and probability
  • Relative humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Wind speed, wind gust and bearing
  • UV index and ozone levels