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First steps

It is great to have you as a customer. Thank you for your interest in Ansovino.

Our priorities

Our vision is to enable small-holder farmers around the world to access Earth observation data, local weather information and forecasts, and to receive alerts to help adjusting planting, transplanting and harvesting times, protecting fruit trees from frost damage, or planning pest management activities.

Privacy — We never sell your data. We don’t serve ads, and we don’t mine your data. We don’t track or monetize you.

We don’t use third party web analytics software and „social sharing” buttons that are known to track you.

Our business model is simple: if you find our service valuable, you pay us. We are committed to fair pricing, and paying for Ansovino means that you are supporting an independent and self-funded service. Our incentives are aligned with your interests, and not with shady advertisers, financial institutions, or agrochemical conglomerates.

What happens when you sign up

1) When you click Register we ask for your email address, you need to pick a password, and agree to our Terms of Service.
Apple customers can register on their device without sharing their email address by simply clicking „Continue with Apple”.

2) Sending email alerts is the point of our service, so we need to be sure that those emails can be delivered to you successfully. Please confirm your address by clicking on the „Confirm email” link in our first email to activate your account.
Apple customers’ accounts created by „Continue with Apple” are activated immediately.

3) After you confirmed your address, you can log in and start monitoring.

  • Under Areas you can add fields and parcels by drawing a polygon on the map.
    Areas must be at least 1 hectare in size, and on the Starter level you can monitor up to 25 hectares combined.
  • You can also create virtual weather stations anywhere in the world.

4) When a new area or weather station is created, we gather its historical weather data, satellite information and weather forecasts. This usually takes 1-3 minutes.

5) You can set up a new alert by either clicking on the „Add a new notification” icon next to a chart, or by loading the list of Notifications directly and clicking on the „Add a new notification” button.

6) That’s it! To check the status of your trial, upgrade to a paid account, or add SMS alerts, click Subscription under your Settings.

To keep your account safe, we recommend that you set up strong authentication (also known as two-factor authentication) or use „Continue with Apple” for added security.

Click here for subscription information.

Ready to jump in?

If you have more questions, visit our support pages.